Nuclear Tweet

As I wrote to Susan on election night:

“The world has forgotten how terrible nuclear weapons are; I fear that our odds of repeating that lesson may have greatly increased.”

In this tweet, I see confirmation of that fear.…/status/811977223326625792

The president-elect appears to aspire to power in many forms. Nuclear weapons are, indeed, powerful, but they have consequences that are both grave and long-lasting. A full nuclear exchange is something that no country in the world can bear. Continue reading

Debbie Jin

At the celebration for David Thouless’ Nobel Prize today, a few of us got sad news, which we hadn’t yet heard.

A few weeks ago, the world lost Debbie Jin, one of the most accomplished experimentalists of our time. Shining among those accomplishments was the first Fermi condensate, for which she might have won her own Nobel.

I’ll remember her more, though, for the kind and thoughtful evening she spent with a gaggle of interested graduate students over dinner at Cedars.

It was far too soon; she will be deeply missed for decades to come.