Atomic Kailas 185cm (drilled/used)

These are the green ones.

A friend gave a wonderful deal on nearly pristine and well loved skis. They’re about to get mounted, so it’s time to weigh ’em. These skis have been drilled once for dynafits, and for Voile ski crampons. I think the previous owner stone ground them at least once. I expect them to be lighter than new.

My scale is designed for calibration with a 4 kg standard, but I only have a 2kg standard. So, I do the correction by hand. Actual mass = ( measured mass  x 2000/2006).


Corrects to 2000g.


Corrects to: 1881 g


Corrects to 1862g.

Average mass 1872g.

Couldn’t find the manufacturer’s spec for the 06/07 year, but 07/08 had a claimed weight of 3750g/pair, or 1875 g/ski.

Edit: 3/14/2013

I’ve finally gotten a few days on these skis, after mounting them with inserts. They’re a rather neutral ski. They like to be driven, but will tolerate small quantities of backseat driving. I’m accustomed to slightly shorter (~177 cm) skis, so tricky conditions require a little more forethought. The previous owner kept the bases and edges in pristine condition, so edgehold is excellent. As with Kongurs in the same length, I haven’t yet found a speed limit, even on ripper groomers. Nice skis.

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