Black Diamond Neve Crampon


Aluminum crampons are great. I’d shied away from them after a friend advised, “When I really need crampons, I really want steel.” A couple of years later, my awesome girlfriend (who was tired of waiting for slowpants) got a pair for my birthday. They get the job done.

As important as climbing ability is their light weight. The Neves are 52% of the weight of my venerable cro-moly Sabreteeth; more than a pound lighter. The weight advantage makes them easy to bring along when the need for ‘pons is uncertain. I’ve used them on half the trips on which I’ve carried them; such was the summer in the Cascades.

The aluminum points stand up much better than expected to alpine rock. They wear and flex, but not quickly nor easily. While their forte is softer snow, when sharp they worked well on glazed autumn melt-freeze. They fit Mondo 30 ZZeros, Dynafit ONEs, and La Sportiva Trango S well, with room (!) for adjustment. The weights quoted here are, due to a little wear, slight underestimates of the weight when new. I’d guess I’ve worn 0.1-0.2 g of aluminum off each foot. There may be some dust in the straps, but not very much.

The weights/masses: 294.2 g for one, and 294.5 g for the other. Roughly 588.7±0.5 grams/pair.  The Black Diamond web page claims 576 grams/pair in December 2012. The pair weighed here was purchased in Autumn 2011; I can’t find a product page from 2011 for comparison. If the crampon/hardware is unchanged, then the product weight is 2% higher than advertised.

2 thoughts on “Black Diamond Neve Crampon

  1. Do you think they could fit 30 mondo Garmont Telemark boots? They are 355 mm from tip to toe… can you please tell me what’s the max lenght of the crampons? Thanke!!

    • Just looked at my crampons. Adjusted to fit 334 mm (as printed on the boot) Dynafit ONEs, they have ~1 cm more adjustment range.

      If I measure the length of the boot with a tape measure stretched along the sole of the boot, I get 354±1.6 mm.

      If I measure the length of the boot from tip to toe along the side of the boot (not following the curvature of the boot), I get 337±3 mm.

      I just grabbed a telemark boot (a much smaller size) to see if the duckbill would fit through the opening in the toe bail. It doesn’t. As the Dynafit boots do, it’s likely that you’d need even more adjustment range.

      I’d contact the Black Diamond support folks directly; they’re generally very responsive. In addition, BD may have a “long strap” that allows even longer boots to fit the crampons. I have a pair of long straps in my ~2000 Sabretooths, and they adjust to fit gigantic feet.

      Good luck!

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