Rossignol X-8 Skate Boot, 48.0


A pair of Rossignol X-8 boots came through today, just in time for the beginning of our cross-country ski season. A fit comparison with the Fischer RC3 (matching pricepoints at REI) found that the X-8 fit was somewhat wider and softer in the forefoot at equal size. The boot is soft-enough that it’s instantly comfortable.

Haven’t had a chance to get them on snow (edit: they ski great!), but it was easy to get them on the scale.



The usual 2000/2005 correction factor applies.

These boots weigh roughly 780 ± 7 grams per boot, or 1560 ± 10 g / pair. Rossignol claims “1220 g”, on their page, but don’t list a boot size. claims 1213 g, also without a size. NordicSkiSource claims 1230 g/pr in a 42.

Edit: 1/15/2013 – skied them once, and they skied/fit nicely. Will update further when I’ve put in more than a few miles.

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