Used Dynafit and Tech Binding Checklist

Looking for used Dynafit bindings? Looking for used tech bindings? Backcountry skiing on a budget?

Here are some of the things I look for when evaluating used Dynafit/tech bindings. It is far from a comprehensive list, but might point out something you hadn’t yet considered.

1. Hairline cracks (toe-jaw arms, heel mounting-screw holes, heel pins). If the binding is off of the ski, check the bottom of the heel casting for cracks. If the heel is disassembled (very unlikely), have a look at the post.

2. Loose toe-pins: Especially on older Dynafits (pre ~2005) and early years for any ultra-light manufacturer, toe pins can loosen in the toe-arms from wear or improper metallurgy

3. Worn toe pins: The points of the toe pins wear over time (as do the sockets of your boots). Points should appear pointy, and not severely rounded.

4. Cracked “volcano” or heelpiece top-plate: Pre-Radical Dynafits (Tri-Step, Comfort, and Vertical) have a plastic fitting on the top of the heelpiece to act as both a heel riser and a mechanism by which one can rotate the heelpiece with a ski pole. It is relatively easy to over-leverage the “volcano”, leading to breakage. Inspect the volcano and any plastic top plate for cracks/damage.
A broken volcano alone will not affect the binding’s function, but you’ll want to know. B&D may still sell replacements for the Comfort volcano.

5. Check to see if the binding has been recalled. Both Dynafit Radicals and G3 IONs have been subject to recalls. Especially with the earliest Radicals, with a spring-loaded anti-rotation pin, in-field repair of breakage may be impossible.

6. Lubrication: Does the heelpiece rotate smoothly? It may not be a problem if there is grit in the heelpiece, but it sure gives you some indication if the binding has been properly maintained.

Did I miss something you feel is important? Comment below, and we’ll make the list better for the next person who comes along!

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