More HN numbers

I’m curious whether the Hacker News post will lead to long-term increased traffic.

Edit: 10/30/2012. After the post regarding Hurricane Sandy, this experiment had to end; traffic from the new post started to matter. These numbers are the total hits to all-things measuredmass, not just the Google post. So, the above is the final plot. 

By October ~26 (that spike) traffic was coming in bursts from various countries, especially Germany. I’m not sure that the >10 hits/day rate would have remained sustainable for more than another few weeks. Time will tell. 

Hacker News

140 countries in a day! 30,000 hits!


I didn’t expect that post to reach the top spot on HN, let alone stay there. It would’ve been neat just to ping around on the front page for a bit before falling to obscurity. I’m glad you’re curious about it too.

Now I’m curious about you : ).

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