Crank Brothers Eggbeater 1

Over the weekend, we went on a long bike ride. It was fun, but I was slower than I wanted. So, in addition to resolving to get more exercise, I took a look at the weight of my bicycle.

Lots of disassembling, weighing parts, and playing with spreadsheets ensued. Ultimately, I decided to replace my worn tires (wire beads add 100g per tire!), rattly clipless pedals, and saddle. If manufacturers meet spec, I’ll have dropped about a pound from my 24 pound bike for ~$100. This isn’t the optimal weight/dollar way to get to a 18 lb bike, but it’s a way to spiff up a favorite bike.

The first package arrived in the mail yesterday – Crank Brothers pedals from REI. Listed as 256 grams per pair, ┬áthese should save 110g over the old pedals. Opening up the package, they look and feel great.


Here’s what arrived. 280.2 grams.

Nearly 10% high. For a weight quoted to three significant figures in an industry obsessed with weight, that’s a letdown. In real terms, it’s the weight of an extra granola bar per pair. Or, if you’re a triathlete, three quarters of a pack of GU. As a customer, I saved 22% less weight than I expected with this purchase.

It’s not a gross manufacturing inconsistency; the two pedals mass 140.0 and 140.3 g (+/- 0.1 g statistical uncertainty).

Balance is an American Weigh Blade 400, calibrated with an American Weigh 200g calibration mass. At present, I trust the calibration mass to about a gram. The manufacturer specifies at least 0.1 g. I haven’t yet checked it on a superior balance.